Vegan bags

Vegan bags are made with empathy for animals. They are sewn by hand, without using leather, fur, feathers or silk yarn, or wool from animals.

Vegan Bag Havena

What is vegan leather?

So-called vegan leather (vegan leather) and products made from it are a fashionable and chic solution for people who do not want to use animal products.

Original and durable. Practical and chic. Such are our bags and backpacks.

How do we produce vegan bags?

We sew vegan bags and backpacks, for example, from artificial nubuck. This is a soft, durable material with short bristles, such a bit of fleece. It seems soft to the touch, but is very durable. Soft and pleasant to wear every day. Lightweight, because its strength gives the ability to sew from thin layers. It is used to sew backpacks, bags and even wallets and pouches.

sewing vegan bags Havena

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