We have been sewing our products in sewing factories in Europe in Germany and Poland since 1971.


Each handbag, wallet or case goes through the entire production cycle: from designing, sewing a test product, verifying and checking durability, then we sew about 100 pieces that we offer to customers. Based on reviews, we collect feedback and improve the product until it becomes almost perfect.

We are inspired by nature and the environment. The harmony between man and everyday activities. We see beauty in everything, so we want the designed products to be not only practical, but above all stylish with timeless charm.


Design and fashion help bring some joy and motivation into our lives. A leather backpack, a travel bag is an invitation to a trip. A city backpack gives you confidence for daily trips and a beautiful evening bag adds charm on dates and meetings with friends.
Passion wholeheartedly for bags and backpacks.

We take pride in our products but we don’t rest on our laurels. We are going for more. We want to be the best in the world. Every opinion, every detail motivates us to change and work on ourselves and the products we sell.
We love bags, purses, sachets, backpacks, cases. Our employees know everything about them.

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