Women’s shopper bag

A women’s shopper bag is usually a rectangular, simple and large bag, which has two handles for easy grip and carrying on the shoulder. Sometimes the bag has an additional, longer strap for carrying on the shoulder. The versatility and practicality of this bag has built its popularity.

The women’s shopper bag is ideal for everyday wear. Havena shopper bags, in addition to their practical use, have that something: a chic and fashionable look. This makes your shopper not only a place for shopping, but also an ideal bag for virtually all occasions where you need more space for the things you take with you. Take your Havena shopper to a picnic with the kids, to the beach, a trip out of town on your bicycles, and anywhere else where a small handbag isn’t enough and a big backpack is too much.

Havena’s fashionable shoppers are made of premium materials. In addition to great looks and practical, roomy pockets, you can trust in durability and weather resistance. Thrown into a corner and soiled, it will wait for you to take it againi) on a shopping or expedition.

Black shopper bag is a product often sought by practical women who need a durable and elegant bag with a universal purpose. Black shopper bag goes with any styling and virtually any occasion. Universal color, easy-to-clean material are the biggest advantages of our shoppers.

Women`s Shopper Bags

How to wear a shopper bag?

The natural way to wear a shopper is to hang it on your shoulder, but if you carry it holding it in your hand by the short handles, this will also be a practical use of this type of bag. It is not important how you carry your shopper bag. The important thing is that it should be comfortable for you.

What does a shopper bag go with?

Shopper bags are designed for everyday use, so they tend to match me elegant clothes, you could say casual. Shoppers made of leather and made of elegant premium Havena material fit any occasion. You can take such a shopper even to a party. You will stand out and show yourself as a tasteful, fashionable but also practical person.

Women`s Shopper Bags

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