Women’s Hobo Handbag

Women’s Hobo handbag is a large shoulder bag with a distinctive look and shape. Hobo handbags have a crescent shape and are designed to carry more things than, for example, a small shoulder bag.

In women’s Hobo handbags you will carry not only cosmetics or your wallet, but you can fit a small laptop, breakfast, small shopping. You can take it to work, to the university or for a longer trip out of the house, when you need to have at hand more items than the essentials.

How is the Havena women’s hobo bag?

Our hobo bags combine two elements: practicality and style. We have set a goal that a hobo handbag should not only be used for storing things, but also as a large and visible item, it should be an element that adds chic and elegance to you.

How to wear a women’s hobo handbag?

Our elegant and practical bags go with everything. You can wear them with everyday clothes, but also take them to an exquisite evening meeting. Worn in hand or slung over the shoulder, it will complement your outfit perfectly.

Hobo handtas

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