Travel suitcases

First of all, a travel suitcase should be useful and practical.

A lightweight and durable suitcase, which is easy to transport, for example, on wheels and secured with a combination lock, gives you comfort during your trip.

What are the characteristics of good Havena suitcases?

Havena suitcases are made of lightweight and strong material. Part

The suitcase has practical wheels, which add comfort for heavy loads.

How to choose a travel suitcase? The most important parameters.

A suitcase on wheels is a travel case with wheels attached, which allow you to drive it like a cart, without much effort. The wheels can be made of plastic (not very durable), rubber (durable). The number of wheels is also important. Larger suitcases usually have four wheels, while smaller ones have two or three. Large suitcases need good wheels so that when they roll they don’t lead to tipping over, so the stability and quality of the wheels is an important part of the suitcase.

The material from which the suitcases are made is polycarbonate (flexible, lightweight and durable, scratch-resistant), polypropylene (hard suitcases but at the same time flexible, very impact-resistant), ABS (durable and hard material, but not as flexible as the previous ones).

The clasp of the suitcases, is also an important element to complete the whole. It is important that the clasp protects the contents of the suitcase. A combination clasp is a good option.

Additional storage compartments are an element that is often underestimated, but also very important. In the compartments you can keep sorted documents, small items.

So what should characterize a good suitcase?

First of all, it should be made of durable and flexible material. Be easy to transport, that is, it should have rubber wheels, for example. A good combination lock and storage compartments.

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