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Tote style bag

A tote bag is a simple, large women’s bag with a rectangular shape. It usually has a clasp at the top and two long handles for easy grabbing and carrying on the shoulder, for example. Tote bag is mostly made of cotton canvas or jute but we offer leather tote bags for women.

By transforming a traditional tote bag into an elegant leather tote bag, you get an exceptionally chic and practical handbag for shopping and work.

What is a tote bag used for?

The practicality of using a tote bag is limitless. Their versatility probably trumps all other bags. You can take your tote bag both for everyday shopping and for work, school and even a party and meeting a stranger. You can fit everything you need into it plus a little more.

Which tote bag should you choose?

A large leather tote bag from the Havena brand with a perfect finish will come in handy for every woman.


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