Women’s wallets

Women’s leather wallets are an elegant addition to an outfit that can highlight the attention to detail and taste of any fashionable lady. Such details as natural leather, aesthetically pleasing finish, Swarovski crystals or practical cut make up the classic qualities of the wallet.

Havena natural leather wallets have something more in them. We put all our heart into our products. Wanting them not only to be useful, but their beauty to captivate you at every turn. We want you to not want to part with our wallet. Wear it every day, to work, shopping but also in the evening for a date or meeting with friends.

leather wallet Havena

What kind of women’s wallet to buy?

It all depends on what you need the wallet for. If you want to be elegant and prepared for any eventuality, then choose a leather , practical and elegant wallet by Havena. You can take our wallet to the supermarket shopping, as well as to a refined party. You will always come out well and chic.

What size wallet to choose?

The size of the wallet depends on the purpose of the wallet itself. If you want to put into it, in addition to money, also documents and, for example, a registration card, then it is essential to buy a large leather wallet. If the wallet is only to be a place to store banknotes and some coins, then a c small purse will suffice.

A large women’s wallet is ideal for women who need more space for bills, billom and cards. You can even put your keys and car registration into such a wallet. A large women’s wallet is almost a pouch. Always at hand.

Fashionable wallet made of natural leather by Havena is a chic addition to the image of any woman. Handmade, made of the best quality leather will satisfy the most sophisticated tastes.

Branded women’s wallet by Havena brand will work as a gift for any occasion. Beautifully packaged, in a tasteful box, it will be a wonderful gift.

Women`s Wallets

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